Gin Basil Smash – Jörg Meyer



De Gin Basil Smash is een van de grote moderne klassiekers die in het vorige decennium is ontstaan. De bedenker ervan is Jörg Meyer, eigenaar van Bar Le Lion in Hamburg. Voor onze website heeft hij zijn verhaal gestuurd hoe hij tot deze creatie is gekomen:


“In Spring 2008 I wanted to create refreshing summer drinks for our first Summer at Bar Le Lion. A few weeks already we were playing around with a combination of classic drinks adding a fresh ingredient. My philosophy for Le Lion was always, serving classic drinks in outstanding quality, and from time to time, give a few of them a twist.


“One of the most memorable refreshing drinks I remembered from a New York Bar tour in Winter 2007 was the Whiskey Smash. Audrey Saunders served me dozens of Dale DeGroff’s modern Interpretation at her Pegu Club and I loved it.


“So I started to serve Whiskey Smashes at Le Lion and they became a true bestseller. Gin was in 2008 THE Bartenders Spirit and more and more customers fell in love with it. So I started to serve Gin Smashes like a Whiskey Smash. Substituting Whiskey with good juniper soaked Gin. Mint, Lemon Gin, WOW.


“So in spring 2008, my routine was to start my shift with having an Espresso at Cafe Paris on the other side of the Street and finish it with “visiting” the Chefs Michael and Robert, visiting their walk-in cooler and “stealing” all types of herbs and fruits to continue my experimental sessions.
“One day I just tried the Gin Smash with Basil instead of Mint, and WOW!  I immediately knew that this was something magical. Taste, Colour, simple and everywhere to get ingredients. I started to serve this as a GIN PESTO at Bar Le Lion and told people it is like a Gin Smash with Basil. But our customers started to order it as a GIN BASIL SMASH and on the 10th of July, I wrote the first time about it in the Bitters Blog. From this moment on, the journey of this new classic started to spread. So, mark the of July in the Calendar if you love the drink. It’s GIN BASIL S MASH DAY. Let’s celebrate it!”


Niet heel moeilijk om te maken, wel krachtige shake-techniek vereist!


Fantastische cocktail die iedereen die van basilicum houdt zal bevallen


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Gin Basil Smash


2 minuten


4 minuten


60 ml Gin (Jörg Meyer adviseert Rutte Celery Gin)
20 ml suikersiroop
1/2 citroen
10 – 12 grote basilicumbladeren

Methode: Muddle, Shake & finestrain
Glas: tumbler
Garnering: mooi topje van een basilicumplantje


Zo maak je ‘m
Snij de halve citroen in 4 stukjes en muddle dit stevig samen met de basilicum in een shaker.
Voeg de gin, suikersiroop en ijsklontjes toe en shake heel goed. Maar echt goed he.
Finestrain in een tumbler met ijsklontjes en garneer met een basilicumtopje.


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